10 years ago, I have started blogging, and I navigated between personal and professional websites.

Recently (mid-April 2022), I shut down my last website, "ComputerZ Solutions", which was 8 years old. The reasons are simple :

  • in 8 years, impossible to have a true graphic chart (theme, logo, colors) ;
  • in 8 years, goals were not achieved, whether in visits, affecting, specialization and partnership.
  • in 8 years, I was so unstable (too many back-end changes...)
  • I had enough

It was a superb journey, between interactions with visitors (when I used to have a "news" tag), or partnership with Asustor, EaseUS or Tranquil IT.

In this first day of May 2022, I decide to stop worrying with EVERYTHING. I miss blogging, so I want and will create a new personal website, with a minimalist mode. Minimalism doesn't say empty. Posts about Microsoft Windows Server, GNU/Linux, feedback about tools and software, docker or Ansible... So many things that are useful for sysops.

In terms of infrastructure, for the curious, everything is powered by the Ghost engine, containerized under Docker, behind Traefik. I will come back to explain the implementation of this platform. Ghost brings this simplicity and this sought-after minimalism.
After 10 years behind WordPress, it's time to turn the page and get rid of these many problems and their heaviness. The only flaw about Ghost (in my own opinion) is the media storage. There is no library/media library to browse the images already uploaded, too bad.

As for the name, I stopped the crazy searches - surname.net, finished. You now know a little more about this new website, to be continued...

PS : I'm a French sysops guy, English is not my native language, sorry about mistakes... Thank you a lot @MCW4P !

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